Body Torque can offer you one or the entire following tailor made solutions, ensuring you can get the optimum performance from your facility.


Independent equipment procurement

Without affiliations to any specific equipment provider, Body Torque can independently survey and source the best equipment solution for your facility based on budget, goals and just as importantly, end user.

Fitness Centre design

Looking to construct or design a Fitness Centre? Best to act before construction and not after! Use Body Torque's expertise to come up with the best possible design and layout for your facility.

Operational Start-ups

Do you have a facility at your disposable but are confused how to actually get it off the ground? Body Torque can assist you with all of the questions you may have and help implement solutions and systems required to run your facility.

Value Added Management, Oversight and Staff Training

Having started your own facility do you want to know how to get the most out of it, what approach you should use to optimise sales, what marketing and promotions you should use? Body Torque can assist in prioritising the management approach of your facility resulting in a more systematic, strategic, customer orientated and service driven approach.


If you are considering the pros and cons of setting up a Fitness/Wellness Facility or simply looking at how you can optimise your current management approach, Body Torque can assist in providing meaningful Research specific to your Market, Country and Workforce.

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